How to fold a pocket square?

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how to fold a pocket square

So you’re wondering how to fold a pocket square… This article’s for you! Read on for some tips and easy steps to mastering the Art of the pocket square.

Pocket square folds are not rocket science. In fact, they’re just like origami or a new hairstyle – you just need to figure out how to rock it and practice until it’s perfect.

If you’re wondering why go through the trouble of learning how to fold a pocket square, we have several convincing arguments for you!

  • The Practical Argument. The pocket square is the only accessory that looks as stunning as it is practical. Look fabulous and save the day, all with your neatly folded pocket square.
  • The Style Argument. A pocket square goes a long way to dress up your outfit! Skip the tie and look stylish, and even get a few wears out of one same suit on a business trip by changing your hankie!
  • The Great Men Argument. James Bond, Don Draper… Need we say more?
  • The “Really?” Argument. Would you wear a clip-on tie? Point made.

So here are our two favorite ways to fold a pocket square, as well as two variants for each technique, to get the most out of your time investment. And incidentally, they are the easiest folds and will ensure you look awesome without too much hassle.

The Classic Fold.

Also referred to as the Flat Fold, the TV Fold or the Presidential Fold (we told you folding a pocket square meant instant class!), the Classic Fold, as we call it – is an all-time classic. Expected result: a neat rectangle protruding from your breast pocket.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

It’s the first one you should try because it’s the easiest fold to master and provides a subtle edge to any formal attire. It’s also a great fold to show off the beautiful rolled edges on your favorite pocket square.

Follow these easy steps to turn your pocket square into a Classic Fold pocket square

For optimal result, iron your pocket square flat before starting out.

 1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface.
2. Fold the pocket square in half, so it is now the same length, but half the width.
3. Fold your pocket square in half once again.
4. You should now see a square.
 5. Fold in half one last time.
6. Match the width of your pocket square to that of your suit pocket, for a perfect fit.

When to rock this fold? We think it’s formal wear material. Black-tie events. And if you’re unsure which color to choose, go safe! We think a paisley pattern or flowers always give you an edge, but opting for solid white or black is always a sure bet. A tip: always wash your hands before manipulating a white hanky! Our ultimate favorite pocket square for this fold: the white pocket square with red rolled edge.

Feeling adventurous? We recommend trying to match your pocket square’s colorful elements to your tie or shirt, so as to complement – not compete with your wardrobe. On this note, overdoing it in regards to color coordination can have a disastrous effect – you really don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard!

Many people mistakenly think pocket squares should be silk, but we disagree. In fact, cotton irons beautifully and stays in place once folded, while silk has a mind of it’s own and will end up slipping or looking rumpled easily!

This fold also exists with small variant so you can’t see the pocket square hems protruding from your suit pocket. This variant of our Flat pocket square fold is called the Square Fold. Here’s how to fold your pocket square more discreetly!

The Square Fold.

Also know as the Clean Edge or the Pesko Fold.

How to Fold a pocket square - The Square Fold

We recommend going with a classic white or black pocket square for ultimate class. Try pure white (as shown here) or black for a look that fits most any suit.

Follow these easy steps to master the Square Fold.

For best results, iron your pocket square flat before starting out!

1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface, so that it looks like a square.
2. Fold the left side towards the center, about 1/3 of the width of your hanky.
3. Fold again, to cover 2/3 of the width of your pocket square, from the left.
4. Fold the other side over towards the center so as to obtain a rectangle that is as wide as your suit pocket.
 5. Fold the entire length in half.
6. You now see a perfect rectangle.
7. Adjust the bottom by neatly tucking it behind, to match the depth of your breast pocket.

Moving on ! After mastering these two classic pocket square folds, we urge you to try two easy, artistic folds for a nonchalant, expressive pocket square wear.

The Puff.

The Puff is also known as the balloon fold or the flute. It is a less technical fold, but probably requires more experimentation to get the result you’re looking for and will most likely require some adjustments once inserted in your suit pocket.

The Puff Pocket Square Fold

Follow these easy steps to turn your pocket square into a Puff Fold pocket square.

For optimal result, iron your pocket square flat before starting out.

1. Place your pocket square on a flat surface.
2. Pick it up by pinching it with two fingers, right in the center.
3. Use your other hand to form a ring around the hanky with your index and thumb, right above the pinch, and pull the pocket square down, to make a tube.
4. Bring your top hand towards the bottom, so that your “puff” is now folded in two and gently stuff into your suit pocket. Don’t forget to adjust so there is about 1 to 1 ½ inches of your pocket square protruding.

We recommend trying this one without a tie – at it is a statement in itself. Our classic paisley and polka dot work fabulously for this look.

Just as suited for formal affairs, it’s probably the most noticeable fold – while looking nonchalant. Even if you spend a really long time fiddling with it to make it look perfect, no one will be able to tell, so you’ll look like a real pro. Remember: less is more. If you feel like you have a large, awkward bulk in your suit pocket – chances are it looks as silly as it feels. So don’t hesitate to play with it or simply tone it down by stuffing it in deeper in the pocket of your jacket.

Another thing to consider – the puff is a nonchalant fold. It has to look casually put together. But don’t confuse this with messiness! In order to hope for a successful fold, your pocket square must be carefully ironed or the result will be noticeable… But not in the way you’re hoping!

The inverted Puff.

You may want to try this last fold with a funkier pocket square – or with a brightly coloured contrasting hem, and go bold, all the way.

The Enzo Puff Fold

Follow these easy steps to sport the Inverted Puff Pocket Square Fold.

For optimal result, iron your pocket square flat before starting out.

 1. Just like the Puff Fold, lay your pocket square flat.
2. Pick it up by pinching the center.
3. Still pinching, use your other hand to form a ring with your thumb and index – and slide all the way down to the edge of your hanky.
4. Flip it around, so that the hems of your pocket square are facing the sky. In order to make the inverted puff fold protrude just enough above your suit pocket, you may fold the rounded bottom slightly. Place it into your suit pocket and adjust height to perfection.

* *

To wrap up this article on How to fold a pocket square, we urge you to remove those sunglasses from your pocket and try the pocket square! We bet you’ll find many new uses out of your favorite pocket square – and be the recipient of many compliments.

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