What size are your pocket squares?

Our pocket squares are all (yes, squares), of 28 x 28 cm or 30 x 30 cm, approximately. If you need a large pocket square to make a puff fold, or a tiny little square for your son, let us know, we love to please and we’ll do our best to make you happy.

What are your pocket squares made of?

Most of our pocket squares are made with high-quality cotton, organic when at all possible. Why? Cause it’s easy to care for, easy to iron, and easy to fold. Plus, it stays nicely in place where you intend it to look sharp (aka, in your pocket)—and doesn’t slip out.

Can I get my pocket square customized?

YES! We can do pretty much anything, so if you have a specific colour scheme, pattern or combo of fabric/thread, email us and we’ll try to make your pocket square dreams come true.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and Paypal. American Express is unfortunately not supported by our payment gateway.

What is your confidential information storage policy?

We treat your confidential information with the highest degree of care. Please read our Privacy policy for more details.

Is ordering over the internet secure?

Yes. We’ve taken several steps to ensure all information received from our online visitors is secure from unauthorized access and use. All transactions are completed on a secure server and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction.

How do I care for my pocket square to ensure maximum durability?

Caring for your pocket square is very simple. Simply toss it in the washing machine in cold to warm water with the rest of your laundry. Avoid the dryer– simply hang to dry or dry flat. Should you wish to iron your beautiful pocket square, don’t hold back! Simply avoid ironing directly on prints. You can use a piece of fabric to protect the patterns or iron on the other face.

Can I get my pocket square embroidered?

YES! (see, we don’t like the word “no”). Get your initials or your name embroidered on your pocket square—simply select the option on the product page and tell us what to embroider in the purchase note at checkout. If purchasing several styles and needing different embroidery, try to be as clear as possible, but don’t worry: if we don’t get it, we’ll be sure to contact you to confirm the details before fulfilling your order.

What is your return or exchange policy?

Our pocket squares are made to measure… So we don’t accept returns or exchanges. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase though, we’re pretty friendly, don’t hesitate to email us!

What if you don’t have what I’m looking for?

Then, email us or call us… And we’ll do our best to make your dreams come true!

Can you teach me how to fold my pocket square?

Of course! Check out or blog—we’ve gathered simple pocket square folds to master, and super-fancy pocket squares, too. These include detailed instructions as well as photos, so folding your brand new custom pocket square will be as easy as 1-2-3!

Can you fold my pocket square before shipping it?

Sure thang. Just tell us how and how wide & high and we’ve got your back.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

We can talk about it, for sure! Just email us and tell us more about your needs.

Where are your pocket squares made?

All our custom pocket squares are made in the tiny little village of Jouques, in the south of France. Our family-owned workshop is friendly, small and filled with happy people, who sip on delicious espresso or matcha tea as they strive to make the perfect pocket squares for you.

Are your pocket squares made beforehand?

We do carry some plain pocket squares in stock, so that we can fulfill your orders faster—but mostly, we make them on demand.

How long will my order take?

We’re pretty quick to serve! Orders typically take 3 to 5 business days to ship—add shipping delays to that in standard mail with tracking from France… And you should have it in your pocket pretty quickly.

How much will it cost to ship my pocket squares?

Nada, zilch, zero. Our custom pocket squares travel the world, for free!

What if I’m in a rush?

Ah—yes. Well, in that case, select “express” shipping at checkout and we’ll sow & ship your pocket squares out to you within 1 business day.