Fancy Pocket Square Folds

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fancy pocket square folds

So after our initial article on how to fold a pocket square, we’re confident you’ve mastered the four basic folds and are eager to learn more complex pocket square folds, to impress the gallery.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered four new ways to wear the pocket square that we feel are a statement for a polished, elegant look.

Now, you’ll notice few gentlemen actually dare to try these pocket square folds – meticulousness doesn’t abide well with being in a rush – and let’s face it, we’re always running somewhere.

So, next time you sit down to kickback in front of the TV with a smooth drink, bring a large book to use as a flat surface along with your favorite pocket square and follow these easy steps to pocket square origami.

The Triangle Fold.

Also referred to as the Point Fold, the One Point or One Tip Up Fold, the Point is a pocket square fold to remember. Rather playful, it’s a great way to add a little color to your outfit and we think pocket squares with accent hems, will be at their best with this particular pocket square fold.

Follow these five easy steps to turn your pocket square into a neat triangle pocket square fold.

For optimal result, iron your pocket square flat before starting out.

1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface, with one corner facing up, like a losange.
2. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner.
3. Fold the left corner towards the right, about 2/3 of the width.
4. Repeat from right to left, so your pocket square now looks like a little house.
5. Flip your pocket square over and adjust to the width of your suit pocket for a snug fit. Finally, simply place the hanky so the “roof” of your little house protrudes!

We recommend going for the elegant pointed look especially if your suit pocket is rather narrow, as it is perhaps the easiest fold to adapt in terms of width. Working with cotton is a real advantage if you want a crisp result, as ironing your pocket square will ensure a sharp, durable look. (On this note, don’t forget to “protect” your prints by covering them with a piece of cloth or fabric instead of ironing directly onto them!)

For the skilled or daring gentlemen, there are many variants of this fold, involving several points. These origami-like pocket square folds can feature two points, three points, four points – you get the drift.

Although we tend to favour the one point pocket square for the obvious reasons – (1) less chance you’ll get frustrated and abandon halfway in (2) the overdone look isn’t always eye catching in the right way – the three point fold does actually have its appeal.

The Three Point Fold.

Follow these six easy steps to turn your pocket square into a Three Point Fold pocket square. Our plain black pocket square is featured here and looks great with any grey or light coloured suit. It is discreet, compliments most shirts and ties with elegance and always looks pristine.

For optimal result, iron your pocket square flat before starting out.

1. Lay your pocket square flat, so that it looks like a losange.
2. Fold the bottom corner up towards the top corner so you now see a triangle.
3. Take the left corner and bring it up to the right hand side of the top corner, to create a second point.
4. Take the right corner and bring it up to the left hand side of the top corner, to create a third point.
5. Fold both sides in towards the center to make the pocket square thin enough to place in your suit pocket.
 6. Flip your pocket square and admire your work!

Although the three-point fold can give you a crisp look if perfectly placed and symmetrical, you can also rock the look with a messier finish. Indeed, you can also ruffle the fabric a little bit once placed in your suit pocket and pull it off in a nonchalant way.

The two following pocket square folds are personal favorites, but require a little more skill.

The Winged Puff.

The Winged Puff Fold is interesting because it looks fancy (or funky if you rock a patterned pocket square!), but you can remain nonchalant about it, since it’s quite easy to master.

For this polished look, make sure to iron your pocket square beforehand for optimal result.

1. Place your pocket square on a flat surface, with one corner up and one down, like a losange.
2. Bring the top corner down towards the bottom, to form a triangle that points downwards.
3. Fold the left corner down towards the bottom point.
4. Repeat with the right side so you now see a smaller losange.
5. Fold your pocket square in from the left side so that the far left corner is aligned with the center-line of your losange.
6. Repeat Step no. 5 with the right side of your hanky.
7. Tuck the bottom part up, so your pocket square now looks like a little house! (And it fits perfectly in your suit pocket)

This unusual pocket square fold will look like the Point Fold from afar, but with a closer look, the “wings” give this pocket square fold a little something extra. In fact, it makes for quite a polished look, but it can be a great way to show off different sides to your pocket square, especially if it features an array of bold colours.

It’s always nice to save the best for last, so here is one last fancy pocket square fold – perhaps thee most chic, the one to sport for that very special Day. We love the Stair Fold – especially for special occasions, such as weddings.

Yes, it’s more challenging than other folds, but if you’re patient and meticulous, it’s well worth your time.

The Three Stairs Fold.

12 Steps to a perfect Three Stairs Fold.

We recommend ironing your pocket square before starting off for a sharp look – and even keeping your iron handy to help maintain your pocket square still as you master the Three Stairs Fold!

  1. As the previous pocket square folds, lay your pocket square on a flat surface. Place it flat so it looks like a losange, with one corner up and one corner down.
2. Bring the bottom corner up towards the top, stopping just before you fold it perfectly into a triangle.
3. Then, bring the top corner down towards the bottom, creating a first fold.
4. Bring the point back towards the top again and fold this top part in, slightly up, then down to fit the point in the first triangle and create a second fold.
5. Repeat this step a third time so as to create a second point within your initial triangle – and a third stair fold.
6. At this point, you may want to iron your fold into place to facilitate the next few steps.
7. Turn and fold your pocket square into a triangle, making sure all points stay put.
8. You should now see a triangle.
9. Turn your triangle 180° counter-clockwise.
10. Bring the left corner towards the right.
11. Then, fold the right corner towards the left, just like the one point fold.
12. Voilà, you’ve got a fancy looking pocket square fold!

Again, this pocket square works best with cotton pocket squares as the folds will stay in place as you work the pocket square.

* *

To wrap up this article on how to master Four fancy Pocket Square Folds, we encourage you to practice these refined folds for your favourite pocket square! Remember, practice makes perfect and we bet you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

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